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The Largest Exporter

We are “Your One-Stop Manufacturing Solution” with Manufacturing and Trade presence in India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, Europe and South America. Serving Industry and Clientes for last 20+years with “Sincerity, Harmony, and Creations”

We Manufacture

25 years of combined manufacturing experience with customer focused approach, we have exported to multiple countries and won reputation for excellence in product quality and reliable Sales Services.

We Design

We design and develop products for your value added experience with us. We specialise with focus in Design, Development, Technology, Sustainability and Creative Solutions.

We Engineer

we Engineer Excellence based on our productions and inventory of all the things you may need to complete your requirements.

Our range of offerings

Universal Group presents you with our wide range products offering.



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Agro Food and commodities

Agro Food and commodities

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About Us

Universal Textiles is a well-established firm having presence across globe with manufacturing in India, Thailand, China and service offices in India, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and all Countries in South America.
Our Team with diverse Multi-cultural, Multi-lingual working experience in entire value chain from Fiber, Yarn, Fabrics, Denim up to finished Garments and having combined working experience of 25 years in Industry, we know what can make difference for you in your business.

Our Values

“Optimism, Sincerity, Harmony and Collaborative Creations with Customers and Partners”

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World-class technology



Freight logistics

Freight logistics ‐ important component of supply chain management of effective executions of transpacific trade‐ centers on the flow of goods (transport and storage) throughout the value chain. Players in the economy organize logistics based on their inventory, production, and distribution strategies, we having knowledge of both suppliers and customers, make a synergy that is achieved through a balance of factors: transporting production inputs or finished products.


Office Contacts

The textile, textile product, and apparel manufacturing industries include establishments that process fiber into fabric and fabric into clothing and other textile products. While most apparel manufacturers worldwide rely on people to cut and sew pieces of fabric together.

E-mail : marketing@universaltextiles.in

Asia : Bhilwara 31101, Rajasthan

Peru : Latam / Lima 15084, Peru