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We bring you market trends and Fashion with manufacturing in China, India Indonesia and Thailand for daily wear clothes to most fashions, accessories, bed sheets, towels, home furnishings, etc. we all go through one thing common in all these which is fabric. Fabric can be pure or mixed depending upon their applicability or usage. The basic types of fabrics that mostly popular and we deal into are

  • PFD grounded fabrics for digital printing in Brazil = viscose woven fabrics, for example…. Rayon poplin 40×40 or 45×45, rayon chilis 30×30 or 32×32, rayon voile 60×60, light weights for women’s clothing market;
  • Commodities in polyester = fry printed, poly chiffon, poly microfiber, poly marocain, bengalin, rayon printed poplin, challis, etc…. Oxford… bedsheet in polyester;
  • Laces 1,50m wide and also trim lace 15 to 18cm wide;
  • Mesh;
  • Any fabric knitted or woven for garments;
  • Any fabric for home textiles, curtains… sofa covers, etc.

Blends of natural fibres as Bamboo, Linen, Hemp, Wool and silk.Blends of Synthetic fibres as Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Bemberg and Spandex.Blends of Semi Synthetic fibres as Viscose, Tencel and Modal.

  • Cotton & Blended Fabric
  • Linen and Hemp Fabric
  • Polyester and Nylon Fabrics
  • Viscose, Modal and Tencel Fabric
  • Denim Fabric


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