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About Us

About Accenture Universal Group

Universal Textiles is a well-established firm having presence across globe with manufacturing in India, Thailand, China and service offices in India, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and all Countries in South America. Our Team diverse Multi-cultural, Multi-lingual working experience in entire value chain from Fiber, Yarn, Fabrics, Denim up to finished Garments and having combined working experience of 25 years in Industry, we know what can make difference for you in your business. We Universal Textiles, having core values of thinking of others, doing our best knowing our role of bridging gaps between suppliers and customers by innovations, our constant endeavour to make our customers get quality raw materials, finished goods and uninterrupted services.

Who We are

Textile’s value chain depends on a company’s capacity to master services which are important to the efficient and effective functioning of the interlaced value chain. We offer export and import business services in textile and related products to some of the strategic focused countries and top most buyers and leading Brands across the world as a knowledge and innovation partner, commercialization partner, marketing and sourcing partner for Textile industry. We, Universal textiles position ourselves as an International marketing consultancy and customer specific specialised sourcing solution providers having manufacturing knowledge of entire value chain from Fiber, Yarn, Fabrics, Denim up to finished Garments.

What We do

Are you looking to grow your textile business without having worry of reaching across the global controlling supply chain and getting quality raw materials and hassle free regular uninterrupted supplies? We are to help you with industry expertise and combined experience of over 25 years. Our Dynamic team having insights of market intelligence, demand and supplies keep a watch on markets and trends make our business is to connect the manufacturers / suppliers with the demand. Consider us as one of the marketing members of your team provided we are payable only when we close the deal. So you save the hefty monthly expenses just by adding us with your business and we take care of the rest.

Why Us

We are a company whose goal is to provide the quality products, balanced prices and value added services to our customers.

We are present in all Major productions and sourcing hub in Asia with strategic partnership and alliance with major factories same time major markets to provide “Your One-Stop Manufacturing Solution” .
We are also specialised in South American markets with company Intertextile VENUS Peru to dedicate services of your needs to get connected with Asia.

Our wide range of buyers in different product segments and market influencers makes us your best choice to go for the business. We are data driven team who knows when and where to approach and make the deal done. We are also under discussion with our internal team to develop a tech enabled platform to handle the nitty-gritties of the business. Being in the business for last 25 years give us the upper edge in the expertise and experience.

Our Core values