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With the perspective to offer our clients with the premium quality readymade garments, we consistently endeavor hard towards developing innovative and attractive fashion wear, supported and in partnership with our highly experienced Moririn Group.


Moririn Co. Ltd. has several business units, with various production and logistics centers in Japan, China, and ASEAN countries. We have distribution centers in Qingdao (China), Shanghai (China), Japan and Chittagong (Bangladesh).

We are suppliers of several brands, some are the following: Uniqlo-Japan, Hummel-Japan, Meru Nukumi-Japan, WJK Japan, Shiki Tokyo, Beretta USA / UK, Pali-Italy, Spaio-Italy, Equinus Equestrian-Belgium, Nishikawa, Sumi, Neighborhood Streetwear, Beams Plus workwear, Momotaro Denim, Japan Blue Jeans, Jeans Mate, MoremoreToe, Wacoal innerwear, Triumph innerwear, Goldwin- Noth Face, Maxi Fresh Inner, Tabio, Air KaolDEO, Jun Co, Trial, Columbia, Diadora Sportwear , Nike, Patagonia, Ryohin Keikaku, Muji Inner, Salute, Jxenk, ANEINEI, Arnzi Aronzo, Kumamon, Neko Maruke, MXP innerwear, Slippy, MAC House, etc.

In addition to the production of “non-functional” clothing, we also produce functional clothing and home textiles with special characteristics. Our Drymix® functional yarn has several properties (water absorbing, quick drying, UV protection, Anti pilling, Heat shielding, anti crease) so it is widely used in the collections of Edwin, Canterbury, Hummel, The North Face, among other brands. . We have anti-perspiration technology, Nanofine bacteriostatic, Decocell® deodorizing and antibacterial yarn, MXP® deodorizing and antibacterial technology (initially used in astronaut underwear), among others.

Our bacteriostatic technology reduces odor-causing bacteria in addition to suppressing those that are a source of infections, providing a high level of deodorizing effect; We also have Deocell® that covers and eliminates bad odors, prevents their development and neutralizes them, with immediate effect because it acts at the molecular level on ammonia, acetic acid and trimethylamine, and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Its PH is the same as that of the skin.



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