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Being a part of our daily life clothing’s needs, Yarn plays an important role and we feel really glad that we have this in our offerings by careful selections of fiber, spinning quality yarn, packing and exporting. We have our manufacturing base in India and our strategic partnership and relationship with a few top quality Yarn manufacturers from different parts of the world to complete a basket of purchases. Be it Cotton yarn, Viscose yarn, Polyester Filaments, Acrylic with regular and also functional, innovative recycled and any other types of yarn we have them all in the offering. Keeping this wide range provides us the satisfaction to truly make feel the quality of what you’re wearing, and yes we know when you feel good you look good to add to your style better looks and comfort.

Our range of yarns in offer includes various blends of yarns including Cotton Combed, Carded, Open end, synthetic, polyester, polyester Filaments, Viscose, Acrylic, core-spun, zero-twist, hollow-core, greige, dyed and fancy, melange and eco-friendly recycled, generated and green yarns. You may use them for all types of weaving and knitting as per need.

Now your segments such as knits, woven, narrow weaving, suiting, shirting, sewing thread, home furnishing, carpets and all other related industrial applications are sorted with us.

  • Cotton yarn
  • Viscose yarn
  • Modal yarn
  • Tencel yarn
  • Supima/Pima yarn
  • Polyester yarn
  • Polyester Filaments yarn
  • Acrylic yarn
  • Linen yarn
  • Blends
  • Eco-Friendly yarn


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